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Visual Studio IntelliCode – Preview

Works with Visual Studio 2017, 2019

Visual Studio IntelliCode (IntelliCode) is a set of AI-assisted capabilities that improve developer productivity with features like contextual IntelliSense, code formatting and style rule inference.

The IntelliCode extension augments existing developer workflows with machine-learning services that provide an understanding of code and its context. The extension is a Technology Preview released under Microsoft DevLabs. It’s applicable for C#, C++ and XAML code today, and will be updated in the future to support more languages. The extension gives you an early taste of what’s to come with IntelliCode and allows you to provide feedback to the Visual Studio product team to help shape its future.


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SQL Search

Works with Visual Studio 2015, 2017, 2019

Speed up SQL Server database development by finding SQL objects fast in Visual Studio. 

Redgate SQL Search is a free extension for Visual Studio to quickly search for fragments of SQL across databases, and easily navigate to those objects. This saves time and makes teams more productive, so you can get back to the task in hand. 

  • Find fragments of SQL in tables, views, stored procedures, functions, views, jobs, and more 
  • Quickly navigate to objects wherever they happen to be on a server 
  • Search across multiple object types and multiple databases 
  • Find all references to an object 
  • Search with booleans and wildcards 
  • Work in either Visual Studio or SQL Server Management Studio

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Helpful Visual Studio Extensions 4

SQL Prompt Core

Works with Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise

With SQL Prompt Core you can:

  • Save keystrokes with code completion for T-SQL commands and keywords as you type
  • Easily complete JOIN statements with suggestions for JOIN conditions based on foreign key relationships or column similarities
  • Speed up SQL coding with autocompletion for INSERT and EXEC statements
  • Autocomplete based on mid-string matching and CamelCase suggestions, so you don’t have to remember every object name
  • Avoid bad practice – expand wildcards to show the full column list so you only retrieve the data you need

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Helpful Visual Studio Extensions 3

Angular Productivity Tools
Angular Productivity Tools

Works with Visual Studio 2017

Navigation between view and viewmodel

Switch faster between view and controller/directive code directly from editor just by clicking `Go To View` or `Go To Code` in context menu.

Intellisense for templateUrl

Intellisense for controller

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Spell Checker

Visual Studio Spell Checker

Works with Visual Studio 2017, 2019

This project is a Visual Studio editor extension that checks the spelling of comments, strings, and plain text as you type or interactively with a tool window. It is based largely on the spell checker extension originally created by Noah Richards, Roman Golovin, and Michael Lehenbauer. This version has been extended as follows:

Top Features:

  • It uses NHunSpell to perform the spell checking. As such, custom dictionaries can be added to spell check in different languages. Dictionaries for OpenOffice versions 2, 3, and 4 are supported.
  • Added the ability to spell check the inner text of XML elements as well as certain attribute values.
  • Added support for replacing all occurrences of a misspelling via the smart tag context menu (hold down the Ctrl key when selecting a replacement word).
  • Added an Ignore Once option to the smart tag context menu to ignore a specific instance of a misspelled word.
  • Fixed up various issues to skip text that should not be spell checked and to break up text into words correctly when escape sequences are present in the text.
  • Added an interactive spell checking tool window to find and fix spelling errors in the current file.

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Helpful Visual Studio Extensions 1

Project File Tools

Project File Tools

Works with: Visual Studio 2017, 2019

Provides Intellisense and other tooling for XML based project files such as .csproj and .vbproj files.


  • Intellisense for NuGet package name and version
  • Hover tooltips for NuGet packages
  • Go To Definition (F12) for MSBuild imports
  • Go To Definition (F12) for MSBuild properties


Full Intellisense for NuGet package references is provided for both packages that are locally cached as well as packages defined in any feed – local and online.

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Debug Azure BOT service from visual studio?

Steps how to debug Azure published BOT in locally:

1. Enable Debug in Azure Application setting:

Open Azure Portal. Click on Azure Web Bot.Click on Application Settings, In the Debugging section On Remote Debugging and select your Visual Studio Version.

2. Get Publish Settings:

Click on All App service Settings, Click on Get publish profile to get the publish setting with all user name and paths. It will download the settings.

3. Click on the Attach to process ..

4. In the Connection target: type your bot url without http://. Example:, Click on Find Button. This is asking you to give username and password. You need to get your azure username and password from publish file.

http://. Example:, Click on Find Button. This is asking you to give username and password. You need to get your azure username and password from publish file.

5. Now run your Web App or Cortana to debug your BOT and the get real Error.